Depurcity – mobile or fixed absolute filtration plant

Depurcity – Mobile or fixed absolute filtration plant

  • This is the definition of depurcity, we thought of it this way, we wanted it this way, we believe it is the winning solution for improving the quality of the air in our cities and the living conditions of the people who live and work in large cities.

  • The mobile or fixed depurcity is able to break down particles smaller than 1 micro of a millimetre, gases and odours, it can treat 150,000 m3/h for a total of about 3,600,000 m3/day, thus being able to treat a huge amount of air inside cities.

  • FIELDS OF USE: Cities, subways, galleries, tunnels, airports, areas affected by environmental ecological disasters, and all areas where air pollution is intolerable

  • WHAT IT DOES: Filters and removes fine particles, toxic gases and odors that paralyze metropolitan areas.

  • THE ADVANTAGES OF DEPURCITY: Pure air for everyone, no more traffic blockages, revitalization of commercial activities, etc…

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