Powerful SV aeraulic separators ideal for a wide range of separation applications ghirarduzzi

Aeraulic separation

  • The construction quality and the characteristics of our machines make our aeraulic separators, type SV, ideal for different types of separation. At our factory a complete aeraulic separation system is available where it is possible to test the materials that our customers bring.

  • SV aeraulic separation are able to separate two materials with a homogeneous weight and specific weight difference, they are very suitable for fine materials such as powders or granulates up to 8-10mm.

  • These types of separators are widely used in the recovery of metal from melting slag, in the separation of copper from PVC, in the washing of plastic materials, crd production, and in many other fields.

Efficient SV aeraulic separators for separating materials with different specific weights and homogeneous sizes ghirarduzzi
Experience and quality discover SV aeraulic separators for precise and reliable separation ghirarduzzi
SV aeraulic separators the ideal solution for metal recovery and the separation of composite materials ghirarduzzi
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