Efficient electrostatic filtration system for suction and elimination of oily mists

Electrostatic filtration plants

  • The Ghirarduzzi company is specialized in designing and manufacturing Electrostatic Filtration Plants for suction, filtration and removal of oil mists by means of an electrostatic filter.
  • Particularly suitable in the sectors of mechanical processing, hot forging of metals and in all those situations in which oil mists are generated.
  • The most important advantage of this electrostatic filtration plant is the management cost, much lower than that of other filtration plants with equivalent technologies.
  • We are able to produce electrostatic filtration systems with flow rates ranging from 2,000 cubic meters per hour up to 80,000 cubic meters per hour.
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Electrostatic filter to reduce oily mists discover Ghirarduzzi's innovation
Reliable solution for suction and filtration Custom Electrostatic Filtration Systems
High capacity-Electrostatic filtration systems up to 80,000 cubic meters per hour
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