ATEX Dry Filtration Plant in Ghirarduzzi the ideal solution for the aspiration and filtration of dust and fumes from various industrial processes

ATEX dry filtration systems

  • ATEX Dry Filtration Plants designed by the Ghirarduzzi company are made for the suction, filtration and removal of dust, fumes and particulates from various processes.
  • In recent years we have developed a series of filters for explosive environments that can work in ATEX ZONE 22 G-D atmospheres.
  • ATEX Dry Filtration Plants have a particular use in the crushing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Dry dust collectors: they are normally used to break down fumes from metal fusion, dust from grinding, transport and processing of the same, but also sandblasting, deburring and polishing processes, and in many other uses where suction is required effective and filtration of the particulate produced.
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Dry Filtration Systems ATEX Ghirarduzzi the perfect choice in the crushing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ensuring safety and efficiency
The innovative Ghirarduzzi filtration system for the industry accurately captures dust and fumes, ensuring a clean working environment
Advanced filtration solutions by Ghirarduzzi ideal for reducing dust and fumes from different phases of metallurgical processing
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