Respect for nature

We believe for over 110 years in respect of nature, life, the earth … we think and build machines and plants that help preserve these values.

Eco sustainability

Only with sustainable eco-development can we progress in the right balance between man and planet Earth.

Enhancement of raw materials

Recovery, recycling, reduce of emissions, valorisation of raw materials, have always been the mission in which we believe.


Total production area : 20.000 mq
Covered Production Area : 5000 mq
Plants for Test: 8
100% built in Italy
Over 30 types of applications and machines
  • The company Ghirarduzzi started its activity back in 1903 and has been operating continuously in the engineering sector for three generations.
  • In 1970, believing in the possibility of developing activities, respecting human and the environment, he began designing machines and systems that combined the qualities of productivity and reliability, even those that today are called ecological.
  • Keeping this inspiring principle in mind, Ghirarduzzi has built different plants for the production and processing of metals.
  • The company’s activity has also developed in the wood, marble working, plastics and chemistry sectors.
  • Numerous requests also come from other sectors interested in the resolution of various ecological problems, energy recovery, recycling, and wherever a rational development of production is required in respect of man and the environment.