Dry odour abatement plant designed and built by Ghirarduzzi for the control of C.O.V. emissions and odours in the metals foundry

Dry odor dejection

  • Dry odor abatement systems designed and manufactured by the Ghirarduzzi company for the abatement of V.O.C. of oil mists and odors from various sources.
  • An example of this application comes from the foundry of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • These new dry odor abatement systems are usually installed upstream of a system that is capable of abating solid particulate matter, such as a bag filter, for example.
  • The great advantage of this new and revolutionary COV abatement system is that it requires much smaller investments, can save large amounts of energy and have lower management costs than other systems.
Advanced plant for the neutralization of emissions of volatile organic compounds VOC and odors designed and built by Ghirarduzzi
Ghirarduzzi plant for the reduction of dry odours, aimed at the effective control of C.O.V. and oily mists
Image of the dry odour abatement system, designed and built by Ghirarduzzi to reduce C.O.V. emissions and neutralize odours from various sources
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