densimetric separators the constructive quality of the DM models by Ghirarduzzi

Densimetric separators

  • The construction quality and the characteristics of our machines make our DM type densimetric tables ideal for different types of separation. At our factory a complete densimetric separation system is available where it is possible to test the materials that our customers bring.
  • The DM denismeter tables are able to separate two materials with homegenean pieces and specific weight differents up to 0.3 kg / dm3 on a max 50mm size.
  • We produce densimetric separation systems for many types of separation, for metals, plastics, glass, compost, cdr, ashes, cereals, etc.
  • We are waiting for you to discover the NEW DM50 2023
the densimetric separators produced by Ghirarduzzi guaranteed quality and versatility
DM densimetric separators ideal for the separation of varied materials
DM density separators for the separation of homogeneous materials
metals, plastic, glass and more densimetric separators designed and manufactured by Ghirarduzzi
DM densimetric separators precision in material separation
company Ghirarduzzi specialists in the production of density separators

New DM100 2022

After years of producing the DM100 separator, a leading machine in the densimetric separation of many materials, the Ghirarduzzi company has decided to completely redesign this machine to further improve its production efficiency, safety, and ease of maintenance and use.

New features of the DM100 2022 include:

Precision construction of all components with consequent benefits in energy consumption and less wear of mechanical parts
Attention to aesthetic and functional details improved in all aspects.
Painting of surfaces with powder paint and baking, thus greater resistance to corrosion.
New, safer and simpler safety guards
Easier grille replacement witch light increased to 100 mm
Increased mechanical parts and supports, all for greater reliability and durability
Bigger bolts

All these aspects do not change the concept of the DM100 but make it even better, more precise in separation, more reliable and more beautiful.

We are waiting for you to discover the NEW DM100 2022

the DM100 2022 separating machine the new standard of excellence
DM100 2022 innovation and reliability designed and implemented by Ghirarduzzi
separating machine DM100 2022 the latest innovation in densimetric separation
separating machine DM100 2022 the latest innovation in densimetric separation
DM100 2022 the evolution of densimetric separation
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