Design and construction of plants for the abatement of C.O.V. and wet smells

Wet Odor Dejection

  • Wet odor abatement systems, the Ghirarduzzi company specializes in designing and building VOC abatement systems. and odors from various sources.
  • An example of this application comes from the foundry of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • These new machines are usually installed downstream of a plant capable of breaking down solid particles. The SR scrubbers are particularly suitable for applications with high concentrations of V.O.C.
  • The peculiarity of wet odor abatement systems is that they can operate in a continuous cycle without interruptions due to regeneration or maintenance. The abatement of the V.O.C. and odor is effected by their oxidation with suitable chemical reagents.
Uninterrupted continuous operation for wet odour abatement systems
Continuous cycle without compromise wet odour abatement systems
Wet odour abatement plants allow continuous cycle operation without interruptions caused by regenerations or maintenance
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